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Logo, Branding and Graphic Design Durban

Are you hunting for logo design, graphic design and branding companies in Durban to help create your business image and corporate identity?

Finding the right ‘logo maker’ or ‘logo creator’ and choosing the right agency from the many branding companies can be a daunting task.

In our 12 years industry experience in this field we’ve discovered that consistency in your branding is critical.

We’ve often found that our clients have had various agencies, freelancers and graphic designers work on different elements of their brand portfolio or corporate identity and the result is usually a disaster.
Everything is different, whether slightly, or majorly.

Either way that gives your prospective clients the perception that you don’t care much; that you’re not very professional.

That’s why at Durban Website Designs we’ve always marketed ourselves as a One-Stop-Shop in that we can do it all for you, under one roof.

That way we ensure consistency in all your branding, from the logo, through business cards, email signatures, signage, brochures and profiles to your website and social media channels.

‘It is critical to be aware of your brand experience and have a plan to create the brand experience that you want to have. A good brand doesn’t just happen – it is well-thought, strategically planned and executed.’ SOURCE

We are one of South Africa’s most efficient, professional and cost-effective marketing agencies and branding companies offering dedicated, customer focused services nationwide as well as in Durban, Johannesburg, throughout KZN and in Umhlanga, Durban North, Pinetown, Pietermaritzburg, Hillcrest, Westville, Ballito and Richards Bay.

Here's a summarised list of the branding items we design:

  • Professional Responsive Website Design
  • Eye-Catching Company Logos
  • Professional Business Cards
  • Professional Email Signatures
  • Social Media Profile Graphics
  • Business Profile / Brochure Design
  • Flyers / Leaflets / Pamphlets
  • Digital Web Banners

Click/tap on the examples below for a closer look.

And What Else?

Other items we design include Vehicle Graphics & Branded Car Wraps, Compliment Slips, Corporate Stationary, Product Packaging, Shop Signage, Flags & Banners, Posters, Wallpaper, Product Tags, Bags, Clothing Labels, T-Shirts & Clothing Accessories.

Your Image & Personality

Every business or company needs a professional image and personality.

And the reality is that the more professional your image, the more professional your customers perceive you to be.

If your image is dated, tired, poorly designed and inconsistent throughout your suite of items your clients may consider you to be slapdash in your service or product offering.

Quality = Trust = Sales

A professional Corporate Identity will generate more trust and in turn sales.

All too often we come across companies who have either focused on getting their Corporate Identity designed for as cheaply as possible and/or have had different elements of their Corporate Identity designed by different service providers.

The outcome is often terrible… an inconsistent, dogs breakfast of a mess.

If Its Broken, Change It

Once we’ve changed all that, across the entire Corporate ID range and we add Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to the upgraded or new Website, things improve… DRAMATICALLY.

At Durban Website Designs we pride ourselves on supplying all the elements you need from under one-roof.

We are pedantic about quality, consistency, efficiency, integrity and professionalism and benchmark our skills, services and offerings against the best, worldwide.

Competitive Pricing That Won’t Break The Bank

Frankly, like everything in life, going too cheap will result in buying rubbish.

In the marketing and branding world, while quality may cost it’s the return on your investment that really counts.

Our prices are highly competitive and we always find a solution to meet 99% of the budgets presented to us.

We offer discounted packages that include the most important elements and customised, budget friendly bundles that incorporate your specific needs.


While we are Durban based, we offer our services throughout South Africa as well as in KZN, Umhlanga, Durban, Ballito, North, Pintetown, Pietermaritzburg, Hillcrest, Westville and Richards Bay.

Contact Us today and let’s discuss your new Company’s Identity and how you can maximise on your sales potential.

Durban, Durban North, Umhlanga, Ballito, Westville, Hillcrest, Pinetown, Pietermaritzburg, Richards Bay, KZN, South Africa

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