The world of web design is an exciting and vibrant space to work in and its available to everyone, anywhere.

The local and global demand and need for professional websites far outstrips the available supply, which gives you lots of opportunity to carve out your piece of the action.

Wherever you are in South Africa, be it Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban or anywhere, our uncomplicated courses are all online so you can learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your chosen space, whether at home, while traveling or whatever.

We’ve partnered with Exclusive eLearning to offer you, the learner, world-class online web design courses that simplify and streamline the learning, making it fast, efficient and easy for you to develop your skills and, most importantly, use them to make money or up your own game.

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While our course content is being finalized, stay notified with any and all updates.

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Exclusive eLearning is all about removing the (over)complicated stuff that, frankly, you don’t need to know.

When we look at many courses online in this field we, as experienced professionals, are totally put off by the proposed content.

It all sounds so difficult, so daunting… and it doesn’t need to be.

The focus at Exclusive eLearning is in keeping all courses, not just the Website Development courses, practical, vocational and actionable.

Its all about delivering courses that only include the content you actually need to fulfil the task in question, without compromising on quality.

So, for example, with the startup web design courses if you don’t need to know how to code PHP, Javascript, Python or whatever, you won’t find it included.

It’s all about cutting out the fluff and focusing on the important and truly useful stuff.

The team at Exclusive eLearning have been developing websites for small, medium and large companies for over 14 years and in that time have constantly evolved, developing better, more efficient systems.

From creating large 300+ page websites, medium and small sites for businesses in pretty much every niche through to multiple eCommerce sites, they’ve covered a lot of ground.

They consistently produce world-class, ultra-modern, super user-friendly and actionable websites using efficient, professional methods.

Together we want you to be able to learn professional skills fast so that you can get on with earning money from your newly developed and/or improved skills, whether on a full-time basis or as a side-hustle.

Creating professional websites doesn’t have to be a complicated, massive time-drain and complex task.

Our website development courses are aimed at those that simply want to learn how to create awesome, ultra-modern, world-class, highly professional websites for companies and organisations in any niche.

And remember don’t teach heavy coding and complex methodologies (unless it’s required).

We keep it clean, simple, efficient and easily actionable.

While our course content is being finalized, pre-register and stay notified with any and all updates.

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