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Are you looking for a web design, website developer or builder to help with your eCommerce or business website development?

You know that first impressions count… right?!

Your website is often one of the first things your prospective customer sees; therefore it needs to be professional and of a high quality.

At Durban Website Designs we know that effective web development is good for your company.

Not only one of Durban’s most efficient, professional and cost-effective digital marketing agencies we are considered unique in that we make the process so simple for you, our client.

We provide our services in Durban, Umhlanga, Ballito, Durban North, Westville, Pinetown, Hillcrest, Pietermaritzburg, Richards Bay and throughout Kwazulu Natal and South Africa.

So what's in this article?

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Your Website Is Your Shop Front

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Your business website is, in effect, your sales counter and shop front.

Think of the lengths shopkeepers, store owners and shop brands go to in creating attractive window displays so as to grab the attention of their customers as they pass by.

If the passerby happens to stop to look at the window display, they are more likely to enter the shop and buy something.

This analogy works perfectly for website and in a similar way you need a developer that can create pages that are visually appealing and contain well written content and relevant high resolution imagery.

If you have an existing site and you're not sure about the quality, we offer a Free Audit that will advise you accordingly. Apply here:

Getting Your Website Found In Google & Search Engines

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So how will your prospective customers find your site in the first place?

One of the best forms of online marketing is SEO otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation.

You may well be asking 'What is that and how does it work?'

Well, firstly they will search Google for the services or products that your business and other service providers (your competitors) offer.

Secondly they’ll most likely click on one on the top five search results on Google’s first page.

So, to summarise, your site will need to be readily found on the first page of Google for relevant keywords (or search terms).

One of the best forms of marketing and advertising is on the internet and through Search Engine Optimisation / SEO.

That is why all types of clever companies around the world invest heavily in Internet marketing and primarily Search Engine Optimisation.

Quite simply, to maximise your sales potential and profits, you need organic SEO.

It will put your business in front of the widest audience available and offers the best ROI (return on investment) of any advertising medium.

Not sure about your SEO and if you even have any? We'll check it out for you.

Request a free SEO Audit from us by applying here.

We’ve dedicated a whole Search Engine Optimization page to this subject and service so head on over there now to learn more.

Converting Your Customers

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Your site's visitors need to be able to quickly learn about your services or products and be able to easily navigate to your contact details or easily make a purchase.

Also, when your prospective customer visits your site, they need to be encouraged to stick around longer than just a casual glance. Interesting and unique content, graphics and images should properly promote your services and products.

The success of your website is measured in the number of visitors who covert to sales leads or purchase products.

Business Website Design & Development

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A high quality professional website plays a central role in your sales and marketing strategy.

It is therefore essential that you use the services of a professional, experienced and proven company.

You need the services of an agency with experience and professional knowledge who will draw on multiple skill sets including information architecture, marketing analytics, copy writing and graphic art as well as the technical development.

These talents then allow for the matching of the new site with your businesses requirements.

The best business websites can’t simply be pulled out of a magicians’ hat.

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While everyone searches for ways to attract more visitors to their site and convert more visitors to leads or sales, each client needs an individually designed solution.

It may be that you need a web development company to modernise your existing website, taking full advantage of the latest technologies, or maybe you’re looking to build a new website from scratch in order to maximise your online marketing potential?

Perhaps you’re looking to change the look and feel of your site, giving it a modern, fresh look that will appeal to a younger audience?

It could be that you require some sort of Content Management System (CMS) which will allow you to update your own content in-house?

At Durban Website Designs we’ve had plenty of experience with all these scenarios along with many others.

Your requirements are as numerous as the business types that trade online.

Above all, your project demands a company that’s committed to delivering the design your business needs.

Our Reputation

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We care about our reputation and that rests on ensuring that your businesses needs are met and that you get a website that you love.

We carefully listen to your ideas and requirements for increasing your online trading and promoting your brand carefully.

Our clients include financial advisors, construction, catering and audio visual companies, guest houses, conference centres and many other businesses and professions.

With our use of technologically advanced code and state of the art solutions, we help our clients increase brand awareness, expand their online presence and generate more leads.

Whatever your project needs are, we’re ready to take it on and succeed.

Our services range from the most basic brochure websites which are optimised for lead generation to full blown CMS solutions.

Whether you need a redesign of a well-established site, or a comprehensive new design and marketing project, we can transform your novel and advanced ideas into a very effective online business reality.

eCommerce Development

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eCommerce Website solutions comes with their own distinct challenges.

For example, mobile accessibility and usability is, these days, a critically important aspect.

The world has recently seen a significant increase in mobile users accessing and purchasing from online shops.

As the developers we need to make it as easy as possible for customers to locate the products they’re looking for, through well architectured navigation, content and search functionality.
Security, speed and layout are also all important factors.

Not every web development company has the experience or specialist expertise that is required for such a task.

At Durban Website Designs we have invested a great deal in ensuring we have what it takes to deliver effective eCommerce solutions and we can design and develop beautiful online stores using the best platforms.

You can feel confident in knowing that the online store we build for you will more than satisfy your needs and expectations.

With order management reporting, SSL, SEO, Social Media integration, product promotion and other features in play you’ll discover that we leave nothing out and strive to provide you with a feature-rich offering.

Whether you need a WordPress / WooCommerce, Joomla, Shopify or other solution, we’ve got your back and will advise you of the best solutions available.

Blog Design & Development

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Are you looking to create a blog?

Perhaps you want to offer your visitors some interesting reading on your latest products or inform them of a prestigious award that you’ve received.

Maybe you want to blog about some social or charitable organisation or campaign?

Organisations and businesses set up blogs for many difference reasons but you’ll find that the most popular ones share certain attributes; namely a user-friendly design, visually appealing layout, interesting, well drafted text, beautiful, high quality imagery and logical arrangement.

An increasing number of viewers expect simple navigation, quality graphics and slick social media integration.

We are meticulous in researching and following the latest blog design trends and fashions so as to regularly improve our methods and strategies.

So whether you are looking to create a new blog using a CMS system for easy content management of to enhance your existing blog, we are happy to deliver.

We’ll quickly establish your specific needs and construct an awesome blog platform for you to use for your promotion.

Website & CMS Maintenance

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One of the key aspects of owning a website is updating the content.

The most attractive, well written sites lose their commercial power if they aren’t properly maintained.

When the information on your site is not regularly updated you can easily find that visitors lose interest and might even choose to not return.

While there is a initial investment in getting your site up and running and drawing in customers, you need to also consider how you will retain your existing clients.

Not only do you need to consider renewing and refreshing your site's content, chances are that there will also be some housekeeping to do along with periodic coding, security updates and improvements that need to be applied to your CMS.
These elements are not optional extras. They are critical updates.

We can provide you with a comprehensive maintenance package that ensures that your internet presence continues to meet its objectives.

Our packages can include content updates, blog writing, backups, vital security updates to help ward off hackers, data recovery and more.

Our Design and Development Skills

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Our design and development skills span multiple platforms such a Joomla, Wordpress, Shopify and include coding in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, Bootstrap and jQuery along with a number of other frameworks and libraries.

We constantly invest in acquiring new skills and knowledge and are able to source expertise in other areas if required.

Through our staying abreast of the latest technological advancements we are able to incorporate them in our delivering ever evolving and improved solutions.

What Are Your Prices?

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There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every single customer’s needs vary and therefore it makes the most sense to offer a customised solution that is aligned with exact needs of each client.

With that said, we appreciate that you may want a rough idea of pricing and therefore we have created a series of special packages with affordable prices that may well work for you.

Check out our affordable package prices here.

It could also be that you need a custom project and therefore the costs vary according to the complexity of the tasks involved and the associated timeframes.

While we are committed to keeping our prices as affordable and low as possible, our clients understand that they are getting a high quality quality, professional solution and not some cheap ‘cowboy’ job that's going to damage their credibility.

Our target audience is customers that require a superior site aimed at generating significantly more traffic and sales. Our customers realise that extra costs are soon recovered, quickly becoming insignificant in the grand scheme.

Recently a client informed us that his business website had more than paid for itself in just 2 months!

Contact us to request a quote from us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

What Information should I include when Requesting a Quote?

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When requesting a quote we’ll need you to supply your basic contact information and a brief description of your project.

Please include a few sentences outlining the type of website you need and, ideally, include a few examples of similar sites that you have found. This will really help us decipher your design and functionality needs.

Our form does not allow file uploads as this can compromise security so rather send any images by email.

You can also email us files, images and design ideas if you need to at a later stage of the process.

We're always excited at the prospect of working on a new project and we look forward to hearing from you regarding yours.

Contact us today.

Durban, Durban North, Umhlanga, Ballito, Westville, Hillcrest, Pinetown, Pietermaritzburg, Richards Bay, KZN, South Africa

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