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e Commerce South Africa

When it comes to e Commerce South Africa, we offer fully functional, thoroughly tried and tested online stores for all types of businesses.

We provide the best ecommerce platform South Africa has available.

Our e-commerce websites load super-fast, they are very easy for you to maintain and update (we provide tutorial videos), they are highly secure and they utilise all the best user-experience techniques available today.

With 14 years of experience behind us, we are one of the best ecommerce website builder South Africa has to offer.

We provide our services both nationwide as well as in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and overseas.

If you’re a retailer (or wanna-be ‘etailer’) you’d be crazy not to get onboard this fast moving train to success!

eCommerce or Online Shopping is booming both locally and globally as more retailers go online with their product offering and more consumers opt to purchase online.

Our eCommerce website design solutions are perfectly tailored and scaleable for small, medium and large retail operations. We also offer complex multi-vendor e-commerce websites (think Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Makro, Takealot etc), with dynamic international shipping systems and multiple, secure online payment methods.

And with our many years world class proven development expertise, you can expect efficient service, globally benchmarked design, a functional, user-friendly platform and no cowboy business.

So, to help you better understand, let’s dive right in…

Some recent examples...

View the live website here.

A quote-only online store. View the live website.

View the live website here.

View the live website here.

View the live website here.

View the live website here.

Q & A

What Is eCommerce ?

What is eCommerce ?

e-Commerce (otherwise called electronic commerce) is the method by which products or services are bought or sold using an electronic medium (the Internet).

This medium offers optimal convenience to both the consumer and seller with no restrictions of time or distance.

What is an eCommerce Website ?

What is an eCommerce Website ?

An e Commerce website is a website that has been specifically designed and developed for use as an online store.

Typically the website would contain multiple product pages, multiple product categories (similar to shop departments), a featured or best-selling products section and utilise proven, safe payment gateway and responsive, mobile-friendly layout.

Website Design Durban

How much is an eCommerce Website ?

A high quality, functional, professionally built online store costs anywhere from R 15,000 to R 150,000 + in South Africa.

The price is highly dependent on the size of the website, volume of products and categories, the types of included functionality, as well as creation of text and image based content and copywriting.

So why all the fuss?

If you’re currently or potentially a retailer here's the top 10 reasons why e commerce could work for you:

10 Reasons Why A Retailer Needs eCommerce

  • 1. Growth (2019 shows 18.5 million South African eCommerce users, by 2021 there will be 25 million)
  • 2. More Customers (With online retail you reach a nationwide market… or beyond)
  • 3. Open 24 hours, 7 days a week (Whatever the time and wherever you are, your shop still operates)
  • 4. Less Overheads (No costly retail store rent and minimal staff required)
  • 5. More Profit (Bigger margins due to reduced overheads)
  • 6. Company Image (If you sell products, customers expect you have an online store. Your credibility gets a big boost)
  • 7. Less Risk (With payment in advance and minimal overheads it’s easy to scale your business and avoid costly problems)
  • 8. Online Marketing (Advertise and market your products through Social Media and Search Engines (SEO (LINK)))
  • 9. Customer Convenience (Save your customers the pain of visiting a store to purchase and offer excellent support)
  • 10. Seller Convenience (Operate from home, a garage or warehouse with flexible hours and greater control)

Not convinced?

Okay, if you’re not convinced at this point then check out the three infographics below.

Created by Hootsuite, they show some top-level, current (2019) ultra-useful data for the South African eCommerce landscape.

eCommerce Activities

eCommerce Spend

eCommerce Detail

So what else can we offer?

To fully complement our web design services and to maximise your company’s credibility, we offer a full range of associated corporate identity items including:

  • Logo Design – many of clients either don’t have a logo design or they have an old, tired looking design. We’re skilled in new design, re-design and modernising.
  • Business Cards – Chances are you’ll need these, whether you hand them to suppliers or potential buyers or include them when you ship your product.
  • Email Signatures – You want your emails to look professional right?
  • Packaging – Perhaps you want your product packaging branded and need labels?
  • Pull-up Banners – Raising brand awareness, whether locally or at event or exhibition could make a big difference to kick-starting your online store.
  • Vehicle Branding – From full wraps to vinyl stickers, vehicle branding is viewed by thousands of potential customers every day.
  • Company Profiles & Brochures – You could be seeking investors to help your start-up or growth spurt or aiming to wow high-end suppliers.

On the web side of things we also offer:

  • Hosting ……
  • SEO …….

So how do you get onboard?

Simple, contact us and we’ll…

  • listen to your needs
  • answer any questions
  • remove your concerns
  • tell you what the steps are
  • put your mind at rest
  • give you a highly competitive price
  • deliver an ultra-modern, trend-aware, user-friendly website that efficiently sells product

What we won’t do:

  • Sell you a cheap website that doesn’t work
  • Pretend we know what we’re doing
  • Rip you off
  • Take your money and vanish

(Sadly, as with most businesses, these scenarios are a also a common story in web design.
Most of our clients have previously had a bad web design experience.
Often, decisions are made based on cost alone, which is not the best approach.
After all, you wouldn’t buy a car just ‘cos it’s the cheapest, right?
You’d want something reliable, attractive and functional!

So don’t chance it… contact us.


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We passionately and efficiently supply website design services in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg nationwide and internationally.