We approached Service Royale, based in Ballito, Johannesburg & Cape Town, advising them that their current website was of a very poor quality and not mobile-enabled. Plus it no Search Engine Optimisation in place.


Step one was to create a modern, mobile-friendly, Responsive website and step two to implement a low-level start-up, Organic Search Engine Optimisation campaign, focusing on just a few keywords, so as to demonstrate SEO.


The marriage of these two core aspects has resulted in a much improved user experience regarding the website and an SEO campaign with much potential for expansion.


As with many businesses, they don't understand the sheer power of Organic Search Engine Optimisation until it happens.

Then they directly witness the complete and obvious change is sales lead volumes.

Just ercently we added a new page with 30+ custom design icon's that were an exciting challenge to produce. Visit: http://www.serviceroyale.co.za/cleaning_consumables.html